The GTPR Library is a forum intended to collect books, articles and other resources related to any topic of interest to the GTPR community.

The main GTPR Bibliographies [Library > Bibliographies] are imported via Zotero. To contribute to our bibliographies, please create an individual account with Zotero and then send a group request to GTPR. Once you have joined the GTPR Zotero group you will be able to add references to our group library, which will automatically sync with the GTPR website.

When adding citations to the GTPR library on Zotero, please check them for accuracy, and sort works into relevant collections (use existing or create new thematic collections) to make searching for works easier. Use the drop-down menu on the Bibliographies page to view works by collection. Additionally, you can use the search bar at the bottom of the page to look for works by author, keyword, etc.

We are also pleased to share works by our GTPR members on the website [Library > Member Works]. If you would like to add your publications to our Member Works list, please email all relevant information to